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Exart Performances specialises in music and leadership and provides a range of services based on combined forms of musical performance and philosophical dialogues.

vocesConducting Workshops

This concept is the most succesful of the Exart Performances’ inventions. Combining the format of the classical music masterclass with leadership coaching, executive education participants step into the arena of the performing arts for real, and explore a profound and personal approach to leadership. Coached by Peter Hanke and a group of highly skilled musicians this concept offers a unique opportunity to sink deeply into a new territory of leadership experience and learning based on the transparency of music making.

You can see some film of a session on our ‘Videos’ page.


Art Beyond Entertainment

In open seminars Exart Performances invites artists, researchers, consultants and cultural organisers to take part in investigations and reflections on artistic concepts. Since 2003 venues such as Bramstrup Performing Arts have been central for the meetings and conferences. The research processes has been conducted in close collaboration with philosophers at the Copenhagen Business School and with fellows from Oxford University. In 2013 a series of events will take place both in Denmark and the UK.

phspeech1aConference Innovations and Workshops

Exart Performances usually tailor the concept design for every new invitation based on a belief that hundreds of years of tradition in the performing arts offers an advanced canvas of solutions for contemporary knowledge-based organisational development. From groups of five executive directors to conferences with several hundred people, the sensitivity and performance virtues can be staged creating a particularly intense experience with the right type of preparations.

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